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  item's name level+ class slot bind type
Gossamer Gloves41ClothHandsBinds when equipped
Abjurer's Tunic48ClothChestBinds when equipped
Greenhealer's Gauntlets-LeatherHandsBinds when picked up
Torch of Retribution-MiscellaneousTwo-HandQuest Item
Kilt of Immortal Nature70LeatherLegsBinds when picked up
Belt of Primal Majesty70LeatherWaistBinds when picked up
Nadina's Pendant of Purity70MiscellaneousNeckBinds when picked up
Soul Breaker52One-Handed AxesOne-HandBinds when picked up
Might of Hakkar49One-Handed MacesOne-HandBinds when picked up
Cloudrunner Girdle55LeatherWaistBinds when picked up
Nightscape Shoulders37LeatherShoulderBinds when equipped
Glyph of Hammer of the Righteous60Paladin-
Dalaran Nurse's Gown-MiscellaneousChest
Intravenous Healing Potion75Consumable-
Glyph of Arcane Barrage60Mage-
Furious Gladiator's Silk Trousers80ClothLegsBinds when picked up
Greatsword of Horrid Dreams70One-Handed SwordsMain HandBinds when picked up
Band of Frigid Elements70MiscellaneousRingBinds when picked up
Aran's Sorcerous Slacks70ClothLegsBinds when picked up
Spaulders of the Torn-heart-ClothShoulderBinds when picked up
Skettis Footwraps67MailFeetBinds when equipped
Taunka Belt73LeatherWaistBinds when equipped
Muradin Shoulders74LeatherShoulderBinds when equipped
Mark of Defiance62MiscellaneousTrinketBinds when picked up
Archer's Trousers32LeatherLegsBinds when equipped
Thistlefur Cloak26ClothBackBinds when equipped
Sage's Cloth27ClothChestBinds when equipped
Barbaric Harness33LeatherChestBinds when equipped
General's Dreadweave Boots60ClothFeetBinds when picked up
Warlord's Dreadweave Mantle60ClothShoulderBinds when picked up
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